Motionless In White Give Details On New Album

2017 looks to be a milestone year for the Metalcore/Hard Rock band Motionless In White. The band who recently parted ways with there keyboardist Josh Balz, is currently on a huge tour with Falling In Reverse and Issues. As if that's not enough they have a new record dropping soon this year.

The highly Anticipated new album "Graveyard Shift" is featured on "Riffs&8o8s Most Anticipated Albums Of 2017." The band recently sat down with the legendary Rock Sound crew and gave a few details on the album.

Rock Sound: HOW MUCH CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT THE NEW RECORD, ‘GRAVEYARD SHIFT’?“It’s certainly heavier than our last couple of releases. Some people forget that we’re still a heavy band, so this should shut them up!

"At the same time, we’re riding the line between what people expect from us, and doing something even more unique. It’ll definitely still sound like a Motionless In White album though, it’s not a total change.

"The single we put out a little while back, ‘570’, should give you a good idea of what to expect, and that’s been going down really well at shows. It’ll bounce around a lot in terms of styles and themes, so no one’s going to get bored. Least of all us!”

Rock Sound: WHAT CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT THE LYRICAL SIDE OF THINGS?“All the thoughts that I used to put on the internet now go into my songs, so there are lots of things I’m commenting on. It goes from everything that’s happening in the U.S. right now to fictional stories based on movies, and songs inspired by conversations I’ve had with fans.

"Then there’s the stuff you’d expect, my internal thoughts and feelings. So many of the people I’ve met have left a real impact on me, and it feels like I had more amazing conversations with them through 2016 than in any other year.”

You can get the full interview by ordering the Rock sound Magazine HERE. Stayed tuned here at Riffs&808s for further details on the new album. For now check there first single "570" and there live performance of there new song "Eternally Yours."

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