Future Announces Another New Album, 'HNDRXX'

Future is letting the world know he's not here to play games in 2017 after annoucing a second new album 'HNDRXX' pronounced 'Hendrix' this Friday. The news comes after rumors have been swirling through out the week of another possible release, however the Atlanta MC confimred it with the following tweet; "Told YALL,I got a fully loaded clip...thought I was bluffing,"

His new self titled album 'Future' is expected to shatter the competition on the Billboard 200 debuting at #1 with over 150,000 copies sold. This will be the rappers 4th #1 album in a record breaking 2 year span. 

'HNDRXX' is rumored to be more of a pop radio friendly album, he posted the following message about the motivation behind the album via Instagram;

'who told u,you couldn't b exactly who u wanted to be? They lied,they wasn't bold they didn't have the ambition they didn't have the courage they was mislead they didn't believe in they self when no one else would they cared about what other people thought of them they gave up not knowing god wouldn't give u more than u could handle they didn't sew seeds they didn't have the passion they didn't have the drive they didn't tell u all of there flaws because they was scared of not being accepted by there peers they said I can't I tried I need help but not me #HNDRXX'

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