New Video: Dangerkids - "Kill Everything"

Rap-Rock band Dangerkids released there new music video for there new breakout hit "Kill Everything." There new album "Blacklist" was released on January 27th. The band is currently on tour with Falling In Reverse, Issues and Motionless In White. Vocalist Tyler Smyth recently sat with Billboard and released the following statement regarding the new breakout hit;

Kill Everything” is “the encapsulation of the attitude that comes with standing up, dusting yourself off and coming back full force. It was endlessly important that the song sonically reflected this idea and come to a head with the lyric that we feel embodies the entire album, ‘Nobody's taller than the last man standing.’ 
He adds that the track is important for the band because “it crystalizes the moment that we decided to stop listening to other people's advice and to start trusting ourselves. We developed this concept of us as the living dead, something essentially unkillable and unwilling to be stopped, and used that metaphor to fuel the lyrics. The message and upbeat feel made it the perfect introduction to what we affectionately refer to as ‘the new chapter’ for Dangerkids.”
Check out the video for "Kill Everything" below.

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